What We Do

Offix Edge provides co-working space rental plus complete office, mail and shipping, and professional services support for small business, home office, and independent professionals. We know your operational challenges and concerns and we can help. The owner of Offix Edge has 35+ years of experience in the corporate world, including middle management and senior exec positions. Our philosophy is to provide small businesses, home-based businesses, and independent professionals with the broad range of meeting spaces, professional support and quality resources one would have working for a large company, which will present you to your clients in the best light possible. These services are offered a la carte, so our customers are able to use what they actually need with the confidence that it will be done professionally while they turn and focus on their core business.

Five star service, guaranteed.  We are serious about developing and maintaining professional relationships with our customers.

How it all began

Tom Nash, CEO and Founder of Offix Edge, has worked both domestically and internationally, and spent ten years living and working in Europe opening new markets in the former Warsaw Pact countries.  In the process, Tom found himself teaching capitalism, free enterprise and western-style business to former communist bureaucrats eager to make the transition. During his career Tom has worked for a wide range of companies in various positions from design engineering to middle management to business development to strategic marketing to senior exec.

Upon his return from Europe, Tom briefly headed the American division of a European company. Needing new challenges, Tom elected to strike out on his own. During the process of determining “what do I want to be when I grow up and how do I go about it?” Tom realized that there is a decided lack of comprehensive and professional resources available to independents, especially at reasonable prices.

As the ideas flowed and concepts evolved, the business became providing ALL of the resources that one needs in business in a convenient one-stop provide-it-all enterprise. Two areas we deliberately do not cover are legal and accounting, although we can provide referrals. Thus, the birth of Offix Edge, LLC – Complete Office, Mail and Shipping, and Professional Services Support for Small Business, Home Office, and Independent Professionals.

Where we are now

Located in a former bank branch office, Offix Edge has a modern, clean, and professional 3000 square-foot facility centrally located in one of the business corridors in the safe and quiet Sunset District of San Francisco. There is plenty of free parking in the residential area surrounding the Noriega Street business area. Located at the corner of 30th Ave and Noriega Street, we are only a five minute drive from 19th Ave, the main north-south commute route between the Golden Gate Bridge and Silicon Valley. Near us are many restaurants, we serve coffee from the famous Henry’s House of Coffee, there is a Starbuck’s coffee and a Safeway with a large deli right across the street.

If you are trying to telecommute to your office in Silicon Valley or in Marin County, and too many distractions at home prevent you from getting the quiet time you need, come see us. Rather than being chased out of Starbucks and Peets for hogging a seat, and to get away from the noise, come and rent one of our spacious open desks in the quiet business center portion of our facility.

We also have private offices for rent, with a door that closes for ultimate privacy, and we have very professional conference room facilities if you need to meet with clients in a professional environment. All of our facilities can be rented on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, with discounts as the time grows longer.  We have free high-speed wireless internet access (10 Mbps up and 50 Mbps down) via Comcast. In addition to our own wireless for customers, we are a Comcast Xfinity Hot Spot.

We have a selection of “emergency” office supplies if you forgot something. While we are not in a position to compete with the big chain office supply stores, we can probably save you an annoying trip in a pinch. The same goes for USB cables, mobile phone chargers, etc. The idea here is to provide you a place to be productive, and provide the on-site support to keep you working.

While we have a broad range of “standard” services, we have been in the business world long enough to know that there is always that exception or special situation.  Let us know what you need, and maybe we can find a way.  As a specialty small business ourselves, we have the flexibility and problem-solving enthusiasm that you will not find elsewhere.


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