Existing virtual mail customers log into your electronic mailbox HERE

In partnership with Anytime Mailbox, Offix Edge offers electronic access to your physical mail.  Offix Edge is a US Postal Service-approved Commercial Mail Receiving Agency.

Once you have signed up for this virtual mail service, the process is as follows:

  • Your address would be:
    • (your name)
    • (your company name)
    • 2309 Noriega St, #nnn
    • San Francisco, CA 94122-4239
  • Your physical mail will be delivered to Offix Edge by the Post Office.
  • We will scan the outside of the envelope and upload it to a secure area on the internet.
  • Using your smart phone (Apple or Android), a laptop, or a desktop computer, you may view what is in your mailbox.
  • For each piece of mail that you view, you select from a list of options:
    • Save for pick up (you come to our store during normal business hours and collect your mail.)
    • Open the mail and scan the contents for you to view.
    • Forward the mail (You will have to pay extra fees for any required packaging and postage.)
    • Shred the mail.
    • Recycle (throw out) the mail.
  • Offix Edge then does the required action.

We offer various plans designed to suit the needs of individuals, couples, families, small business, and medium-sized corporations.

You may either come into our store to sign up, or you may sign up online.

To see the various plans go HERE

You may also use Smart Phone apps for this service:

Anytime Mailbox Renter Android App

Anytime Mailbox Renter iPhone App


We can convert your existing mailbox to a virtual mailbox.  Please do not attempt to do so online, as this process requires us to manually input your existing box number to the virtual mailbox system, and manually administer the change-over.  You WILL have to leave a credit/debit card on file with us, and your subscription will now include to a month-to-month subscription charged to your card every month.  If you are interested, please contact us or come into the store.

A virtual mailbox is not a physical mailbox with a key.  Imagine these as hotel-style mail slots where you must go to the front counter and ask the person at the counter to retrieve your mail.  As a current physical mailbox customer, your mail will still go into your regular physical mailbox for the remainder of your rental term.

Once your current mailbox rental expires, you will have to make a choice to either go virtual, or go back to only physical. We will not do both for the price of one. Administering virtual mail, which includes scanning, electronic notification, actions such as open and scan, etc., is far more labor-intensive than simply putting envelopes in a box and walking away. If you want to change to strictly virtual, we will have to change your box number to a strictly virtual box number and free up your physical box for us to rent to someone else. This will require you to let others know that you have a new box number. As a private business we are a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency and therefore not part of the U. S. Postal Service. Therefore, you may not use a USPS change of address form for this purpose. The USPS will not honor it.

Please note that if you have more than one person currently assigned to your mailbox, you will be required to sign up for the virtual plan that accommodates the number of people (and business names) listed on the box.  Again, administering virtual mail is far more labor-intensive than simply putting envelopes in a box. So if you are a couple, you will be required to sign up for the plan titled TWO.  If you are a family of five, you will be required to sign up for the plan titled FIVE, if you are an individual with a company and you will be receiving both personal and business mail, you will have to sign up for TWO, etc.

New customers who want an actual physical mailbox as well as the virtual service will have to pay for each service separately, we will not combine the two separate services.