Offix Edge uses a third-party service called We Transfer for file upload to our server.  This is a tutorial on how to use the service, and it is very simple.

Your files pass through We Transfer on their way to us, and they are deleted from the We Transfer service after seven days.  We Transfer does NOT hold or archive your drawings.  Offix Edge does hold your drawings for a few months just in case you have an accident with your hard drive or server, and in case you need extra reprints.  We periodically clean out our server, and unless you have specifically instructed us to hold your drawings on file, we delete them.

To use We Transfer to transfer your drawings to us, open your browser and go to: (Clicking this link opens a new browser window, so you will not navigate away from these instructions.)

If you have never been to We Transfer before, or you cleaned out your cookies at some point, you will see an opening screen that asks you to accept their terms and conditions.  Do the usual internet thing – don’t read, just click.

Wetransfer T&C


Now you select the files you want to send to Offix Edge.  Note that this free service has a 2 GB limit.  If you have more than 2 GB of drawings to send to us, split them up into separate transfers and do this procedure twice (or three times.)  If you have to transfer more than three times, call us to make sure that we have enough paper and ink in stock to handle your order!

WeTransfer Start


Select the files:

WeTransfer File Select


Fill in the transfer information as follows:

WeTransfer Transfer

Once you have clicked “Transfer” several things will happen.  Your files are uploaded to We Transfer.  An e-mail is sent to you to confirm that the files have been uploaded.  An e-mail is sent to Offix Edge to notify us that your files are ready for us to download to our server.  Once we download them, you get a confirmation e-mail that we have downloaded your files.  Now we will start printing.

You are finished.  However, now that you are a file transfer expert, perhaps you should bookmark the We Transfer page.  Next time just go directly to We Transfer, select your files, and send them to us!