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City of SF Temporary No Parking Signs

CONTRACTORS!  – Special contractor price on City of SF No Parking signs issued by the Building Permit Office. Provide us with the pdf file the city gave to you. You can upload it to us using the file upload link above, or e-mail it to us or bring it in on a USB stick. We will print it on 11 x 17 paper and laminate it in clear plastic. Normal price for a large lamination like this is $5.70. We give contractors a discount to $3.00 per sign. (The City of SF charges $4.00 per sign, and you have to wait 2 to 4 days to get it.)

For each ten feet of street space that you are given as part of your permit, the city issues one sign.  The electronic (pdf) file the city gives you provides you with the total number of signs you need for your job.  Just bring us the pdf file the city gave you, and we will provide you with finished signs.

Engineering / Architectural Printing & Scanning

Engineers, Architects, and Contractors take note! We have large-format four-color inkjet printers that can print up to 42-inch wide documents. We can print engineering drawings from ANSI size A (8.5 in x 11 in) up to ANSI size D (22 in x 34 in). We can also print ARCH (Architectural) Sizes up to ARCH E (36 in x 48 in). We can scan up to 24-inch x 36-inch drawings. While we prefer pdf files for scaling and security purposes, all typical image formats are accepted.  We do not accept CAD files except in rare special needs cases.  There are far too many opportunities for mistakes and misunderstandings trying to print from native CAD files.  You control your output, provide us with a finished drawing, and we will print it.

Drawing Delivery

We can print, collate and staple large numbers of drawings for proposals, design reviews and permitting processes, place them in protective cardboard tubes, and for a reasonable shipping or courier fee deliver them to your San Francisco office, to your business partners, and to your clients.  Offix Edge is an authorized FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipper, and we can also ship internationally on DHL.

Repeat Customers – Customer Accounts

We have a long list of satisfied customer architects, engineers, and contractors who have left a credit card on file with us.  The credit card information is kept off-site in secure storage by our credit card merchant service.  That service exceeds all banking industry security requirements (called PCI compliance) so your card information is safe.  Our current long-term customers send us files and instructions electronically, we print the drawings and place them in a “completed jobs” box.  Our customers come in, grab their drawings, and run back to work.  Our ONLY requirement is that you smile, wave and say hi as you race in and out.  (We do have free coffee if you decide to stop and chat a bit.)

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Large Format Image Prints – Color or B&W

We can print large posters and images up to almost 42 inches wide (there is a 0.2 inch margin all the way around.) For you marketing types, full bleed 42-inch prints are not possible. 41.6-inch full bleed is. The paper comes in 150 foot rolls, so long prints are theoretically possible. The limiting factor is how much ink would be required.

This printer is a high-quality standard four-color printer: Black, Magenta, Yellow, and Cyan. It will print up to 1200 dots per inch (As references, 300 dots per inch is standard for most printing, and 72 dots per inch is standard for the web.)  While the printer will do a reasonably credible job on large color photos, and is certainly capable of excellent advertising and marketing posters and large prints, it is not designed to compete with large format color image printers that use 9 ink cartridges. This printer does not have the required Light Black, Light Light Black, Light Vivid Magenta, and Light Cyan cartridges required to accurately reproduce faint colors and tones across large print areas.

This printer will also do a very nice job for one of the current rages in interior design: large-scale black and white medium resolution images as wall coverings.

Large Format Image Pricing

Images are printed on 24 to 28-pound bright white coated paper designed to make inkjet colors more true. Due to the high cost of ink, prints of images are priced by the square foot, and are a judgement call on our part based upon the ratio of white space to colored space:

Up to 50% colored space: $3.50 / Sq Ft
Over 50% colored space: $4.50 / Sq Ft