• Fax

    We FAX locally, long-distance, and internationally.

  • Print/Copy

    We have large color laser copy and print machines that can print up to 12-inch by 18-inch documents. A link to our price list is below.

  • Binding

    We offer two types of binding in various sizes:  circular plastic binding  or spiral-bound.

  • Laminate

    Our laminator is a heavy-duty adjustable-heat lamination machine that can accommodate up to 11-inch by 17-inch documents.  PARENTS – as a free extra for our paying customers we have several different kinds of Emergency Contact cards that we can create and laminate for your child to keep in their school backpack.  They are the size of a business card, printed on both sides, and can contain your emergency contact information, emergency medical information, medicine allergies that EMTs should know about, etc.  These are not a bad idea for adults, either, especially those who travel frequently.

  • Shredding

    We contract with ShredWorks.  Your documents to be shredded go into a locked bin in our store.  When the bin is full, we call ShredWorks and they send out a shredding truck that empties the bin and shreds the paper on-site. We offer a signed Certificate of Destruction to document what has been shredded.  You fill it out in your own words.  Then we and you sign the certificate to legally document the shredding.

  • Scan

    If you prefer a pdf file to email instead of a fax, we can scan your documents for you and turn them into pdf files.  Our flat-bed scanner can scan up to 11-in by 17-in documents at resolutions up to 600 dots per inch.

  • Office Supplies

    We have a limited selection of “emergency” office supplies, and maybe we can save you a trip to the big stores.

Offix Edge Price List 2022

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