• Fax

    We FAX within the US only. No international faxes are available.

  • Print/Copy

    We have large color laser copy and print machines that can print up to 12-inch by 18-inch documents.

  • Binding

    We offer two types of binding in various sizes:  circular plastic binding  or spiral-bound.

  • Laminate

    Our laminator is a heavy-duty adjustable-heat lamination machine that can accommodate up to 11-inch by 17-inch documents.

  • Shredding

    We contract with ShredWorks.  Your documents to be shredded go into a locked bin in our store.  When the bin is full, we call ShredWorks and they send out a shredding truck that empties the bin and shreds the paper on-site.

  • Scan

    If you prefer a pdf file to email instead of a fax, we can scan your documents for you and turn them into pdf files.  Our flat-bed scanner can scan up to 11-in by 17-in documents at resolutions up to 600 dots per inch.

  • Office Supplies

    We have a limited selection of “emergency” office supplies, and maybe we can save you a trip to the big stores.

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