• Marketing Strategy and Materials

    Knowing where and how to attract attention and get in contact with customers is critical to business success.  Finding the right mix of digital savvy and old-fashioned people skills is a daunting task.  We can help create the strategy and build the right mix of digital and physical marketing materials.

  • Presentation Design

    You only get one chance to make a first impression.  A polished and professional presentation can make the difference between the chance for a second meeting or failure to impress.  We have professionals on call who can help you tailor the style and graphical appearance of your presentation while you focus on the important subject matter.

  • Web Design & Development

    If you are in business, a web site is unavoidable.  We can cover both design and functionality using the most up-to-date tools and techniques.

  • Computer/Tablet/Mobile Phone Help Desk

    Help Desk.  Need we say anymore?

  • PC Training

    We can set up and run ad hoc classes for Introduction to PC, MS Office Applications, etc.

  • Human Resources Consulting

    If you have employees, there are many state and federal legal requirements that require expertise beyond the typical business owner’s skill sets.  For example, if you have over ten employees, you are required to have an employee handbook.  Have you ever written one of those?  What goes in there? We have experienced human resources pros who can assist you, or even do it for you.

  • Word Processing & Data Entry

    Clerical help for those big tasks that take time, like inventory entry, stuffing envelopes, typing documents, etc.  Tasks that require time, but not your core expertise.

  • Custom Software Development

    Spreadsheets have been called “digital duct tape” for good reason, but there comes a time when the right tool for the job is a must.  We can help you through the entire process from conceptual definition to prototyping to development to implementation, and finally, training.

  • Computer Languages & Embedded Systems

    One of our consultants is an internationally-known embedded software systems expert and the author of university-level textbooks on the subject.  We have consultants who can teach Java, C++, Visual BASIC, etc.

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