Drop-offs of pre-paid, sealed, ready-to-go packages with the label properly attached are welcome, whether they are FedEx, UPS, DHL, or USPS.

The pickup times for the various companies are:

USPS – sometime in the late morning. It depends upon which postal worker is doing the route that day, their personal opinion on how they should do the route, and possibly even the phase of the moon. Sometimes we get two pickups in one day, other times only one. It is impossible to predict.

DHL – we have to call them to arrange pickup. If you get your package to us before 12:00 noon we can generally get it out the same day.

FedEx Ground – 2:00 PM

UPS – 4:00 PM

FedEx Express – 4:30 PM

Product Returns – General Information

Drop-off packages where you have a pre-printed return label from the store are welcome, HOWEVER, WE DO NOT PROVIDE FREE TAPE AND/OR FREE BOXES. Either properly seal your package and tape the label to it, or for a small $2.00 package preparation fee we can help you seal your box and put your label on it. We will not accept an open box in one hand with a loose return label you printed at home in the other hand. If you do not want to pay us the $2.00 fee, we sell rolls of packing tape and boxes here in the store at reasonable prices. There is a convenient customer counter where you can prepare your package for drop off.

AT&T returns / Dish Network returns / Comcast returns

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns to AT&T, Dish Network, and Comcast via UPS or FedEx, unless they have provided you with a pre-paid shipping label.  A RMA (Return Authorization) is not enough, you MUST have a shipping label. The return programs are special return programs that have to go through a company-owned store, or a franchised UPS Store. We are not part of the UPS or FedEx corporate structure, we are not a franchised UPS Store, we are an independent shipper.  Therefore, we are not allowed to participate in those return programs.

FedEx Return System with RMA

FedEx has a return program with some merchants where they promise you a free box and a free return label with a RMA number for product returns. As an independent, we are not allowed to participate in those programs. You will have to find a FedEx-owned store.

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