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  • FedEx

    We are a FASC, or FedEx Authorized Ship Center with the full range of FedEx services except for the FedEx Product Return System.  You must find a FedEx-owned store for that RMA return system.

  • DHL

    We are a DASC, or DHL authorized Ship Center, with the full range of DHL services.

  • UPS

    We are an ASO, or UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet, with the full range of UPS services.  We are not a UPS Store, so we cannot process your AT&T, Dish Network, and Comcast returns.  We cannot process Amazon QR code returns either. Look for a franchised UPS store for those returns.

  • US Postal Service

    We are an USPS Approved Postal Provider, which is the highest level possible without actually being a government post office.  We offer the full range of USPS services with the exceptions of Postal Money Orders and Registered Mail.  Postal Money Orders and Registered Mail can ONLY be done at a USPS Post Office.

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